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A quality in ground pool is a significant investment and often the largest purchase a person will make aside from their home. That’s why many homeowners choose to pay for it over a period of time rather than committing the cash up front. This is possible through a variety of pool financing options. We are approved builders with several major lenders that specialize in pool financing in Florida, and can help you secure the best terms available to you.

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Robles Pools

Measure, re-assessment, excavation, reinforcements, plumbing.

The Process

After you reach an agreement with one of our estimators, your paperwork is begun at the office. Next, and we take pride in telling you this, we send out a professional draftsman to measure your property and thus ensure accuracy and mistake free work. We utilize this procedure to catch any oversights that may have occurred. Instead of having our designer/sales staff draw up the construction copy, we feel better prepared and more professional to send out a second person, who is unfamiliar with the project. This allows us to have a different viewpoint of the project from another qualified professional, before we get started.

The Excavation



After we obtain the building permits, we schedule a meeting with you to choose a convenient time to excavate your swimming pool. We require that you be present during the initial hours of the excavation to ensure mutual agreement for the grade elevation and the actual layout of the pool. Our excavation crews will be positioned in your backyard. Once you approve its location, you can hurry back to the office and we will begin excavation. The excavation is normally finished in one day.

...And then...

Within the next two to four days, the steel reinforcing and the underground plumbing will be installed.

The plumbers and steel crews are experienced, having been around the pool industry for a long, long time. The relationship we have with them has lasted over 20 years, and they are well aware of Robles Pools' standard for quality. Everyone puts steel in the pool to support the gunite structure, but not everyone puts as much steel in the pool as Robles.

Measure, re-assessment, excavation, reinforcements, plumbing.

...And then...

The city or county inspectors come out to the job site to fulfill their duty as watchdogs for the public. These inspections sometimes take a few days, but they are necessary and important to ensure that the contractor is building according to the submitted engineering specifications, which are on file in the building department. It is also important to check and ensure that city, county, and in some case, national building codes are being followed.


The inspectors will sign the card inside the plastic permit tube, which we keep on the construction site, normally hanging on a fence. The permit tube must be kept in plain sight for the inspectors to find easily. Inside are the plans and the engineering specifications mentioned earlier.

...And next...

The wizards of the industry show up. The gunite crew will arrive and shoot the floor and walls of the pool structure. This hole in the ground finally begins to resemble the drawing designed by the pool representative.

If you've never seen the process of gunite application, try to be there. We think you will find it impressive.

The first five days after gunite installation, we would like you to spray water on the gunite two or three times a day, to assist the curing process.

It is always a temptation for the homeowner to walk down into the pool shell after gunite has been installed, but we suggest that you wait a couple of days to let the steps and stairs set up and strengthen, before anyone goes down inside the pool shell. Please do not let children play around the construction site. All construction sites have a certain amount of danger potential, and we want this to be a safe and pleasant experience for everyone concerned.

Soon after gunite installation, the Robles Pools masonry craftsmen will show up to install tile and coping, rock or brick-whatever your specifications call for. The tile and masonry are an integral part of the beauty of the finished product. If you're able to be home during the masonry phase, you'll probably meet one of our masonry superintendents; who are on the job to ensure its quality.

Measure, re-assessment, excavation, reinforcements, plumbing.


During the same period that the tile and masonry are being installed on your swimming pool, the electrical and gas crews will be making their important contribution, digging trenches in which to lay pipes and conduit. The masonry, gas and electrical portions of the pool will take approximately seven to twelve days to complete.

This is the time for another inspection from those troopers down at the building departments. Both the gas line and electric run must be inspected and signed off, before we can go any further in the project.

Now is the time to have your concrete contractor install the decking around your Robles pool. We will refer you to several experienced contractors. They will prepare the area with base rock, install any necessary drainage, set forms and call our office to have the building department inspect the work before any concrete is poured. As the pool deck is one of the more visible parts of your project, it is important to have the expertise of an experienced craftsman at the helm for the pool deck.

After the deck has been installed around your pool, our plumbers come back out and set the equipment. They keep their noses to the grindstone to make sure that the equipment set is functional and well organized. Disorganization at the equipment pad leads to problems later on.

Speaking of noses to the grindstone, immediately after the equipment is installed, our electricians and gas plumbers hook up their prospective parts of the procedure.

Measure, re-assessment, excavation, reinforcements, plumbing.

The Process Step 4

After the gas and electrical hook-ups have been completed, the pool will be scheduled for the surface finish application. As soon as the plaster crew has finished giving your new pool a beautiful smooth plaster or Pebble-Tec finish, water can then be added to your new pool.

The schedulers know that the plaster will only take a few hours to shoot inside your pool, and that water will take one to two days to fill your pool. At this time your job is red flagged for start-up.

Just as soon as you call in and tell us that your water has reached the middle of the waterline tile, we schedule our Field Superintendent and start-up technician to come out to your home.


Don't panic about the operation of our swimming pool equipment. Like anything new, it will take you a few days to get used to the procedure that is necessary to maintain a pool.

If you have any questions later, just give us a call at the office. Our personnel can answer your questions and make you feel like a welcomed addition to our family.

Measure, re-assessment, excavation, reinforcements, plumbing.

The Process Step 5

The construction of your swimming pool has now been completed and you can go back to your normal routine-except now you have the advantage of owning a Robles Pool in your backyard!

For years to come, you and your family will enjoy the benefits of our quality construction. Because we put so much quality into the pool, you don't have to put much time into maintaining it. Your time can be spent enjoying your new purchase with your family and friends.

We hope that the pride and professionalism we have put into the construction of your backyard project pleases you. We also want you to know that Robles Pools will be around to provide you with any service that becomes necessary. We back our product with extended warranties on all of our equipment. Robles Pools is known for the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. "Customer Service" will always be the most important consideration in our relationship with our clientele.


We also add multiple options for your selections of tile for the pool bottom and surfaces around your pool.  There's a perfect combination of tile and water color for your pool.